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Wasbottle, the new eco-friendly material from Bencore

Bencore, in collaboration with Autogrill, presents Wasbottle, an innovative 100% sustainable material suitable for making high-quality furniture components

Bencore, arredo ecosostenibile
Tables made in Wasbottle by Bencore at Autogrill Puro Gusto Bistrot, Washington DC

Bencore presents Wasbottle, a new 100% recycled and recyclable material. Developed in collaboration with Autogrill, the world’s biggest provider of foodservice for travelers, this material is made by processing recycled plastic flakes and is itself recyclable. Wasbottle is particularly suitable for making high-quality eco-friendly indoor and outdoor furnishings. Wasbottle has also been selected for the ADI Design Index 2021, the second stage of the path leading to the Compasso d’Oro 2022, the most authoritative international design award.

Bencore materiale sostenibile

The characteristics of Wasbottle

Wasbottle is a material characterized by high compactness and workability and low coefficient of friction. It is resistant to chemical agents and impact and non-hygroscopic. All these features make this type of material ideal for making various types of furnishings such as tables, shelves, tops, partitions, and opaque cladding.

Wasbottle panels can be easily milled and drilled; in the 20 mm thick version they can also be finished with screwed components and inserted in Bencore door/wall systems. Wasbottle panels are available in standard sizes, 1200×1200 mm and 1000×2000 mm, with different thickness – 8 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm.

Bencore materiale sostenibile

The available variants of Wasbottle

Bencore’s sustainable material, Wasbottle, is available in the Paint and Sky standard variants. The former, made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), has a texture that evokes the pointillism or drip painting technique of Pollock and Kandinsky; the latter is made of PETG (transparent polyethylene terephthalate copolyester) and is reminiscent of the clear color of the sky.

As for limited-edition productions, Wasbottle comes in two more variants: Peach and Magma. The former is in peach-colored PETG, while the PETG of the latter has an intense, dark color like magma, with color hints recalling glowing lava.

Bencore materiale sostenibile

Wasbottle, the sustainable material by Bencore at the Fuorisalone 2022

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022, at the headquarters of Ordine degli Architetti di Milano, on Via Solferino, Bencore will present the installation Table de Pierre, designed by architect Italo Rota and entirely composed of Wasbottle slabs in the Paint and Magma variants.

Table de Pierre is a 100% sustainable project as it contains neither aggregants nor adhesives. In fact, its interlocking system is based on dovetails, an ancient technique that allows it to provide solidity to the structure while adorning it.

The concept underlying the creation of Table de Pierre has three interpretations. Pierre refers to Master Pierre Chareau, who inspired architect Rota’s idea. Pierre means stone in French, so it is a reinterpretation of the recycled plastic material that becomes the new cornerstone on which to build the architecture and design of the future in a circular economy framework. Lastly, Pierre is an acronym for Public Relations (PR), that is, as the emblem of a message of recovery and recycling addressed directly to the public without an intermediary.

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