Vincent Van Duysen x Zara Home: a new furniture collection

Vincent Van Duysen and Zara Home work together on a new furniture collection that sums up the Belgian architect’s design history

Vincent Van Duysen debuts in the mass market with a partner that is actually quite difficult to imagine, when one thinks of it juxtaposed with his architecture. However, seeing the images in that undeniably beautiful setting, what one wonders is whether Vincent Van Duysen’s design has become accessible to a broad audience or, on the contrary, Zara is becoming much more exclusive, albeit at affordable prices.

zara vincent van duysen
Setting with Parisian atmosphere

Vincent Van Duysen’s creative journey into the world of Zara communicates to a very wide audience an essential and rarefied vision of furniture; it is a mixture of Flemish style, Ibizan finca style, Brazilian modernism, with atmospheres ranging from Brazilian brutalism to the historic and sophisticated houses of Bruges and Antwerp. In fact, as the Flemish architect explains, the collection was the result of a reflection on his entire professional history, induced by his turning 60.

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zara vincent van duysen
Brazilian/Portuguese modernism

So, he looked over his entire archive and drew from it the foundational elements of his professional DNA. And, looking at the collection and the settings of the photographs, a complete picture of his entire history of residential architectural design emerges. His first apartment in Antwerp, his first finca in Palma de Mallorca, his second (and current) house in Antwerp, other residences in various parts of the world, and, finally, his house in Melides, Portugal, completed in recent years.

zara vincent van duysen
A reading corner inspired by his Antwerp house

Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen collection: minimalist and refined

Different atmospheres are reflected in the first Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen collection, which includes furniture and accessories for the living area. These furnishings and accessories are the first in a collection that will become an ongoing collaboration launching two collections per year.

Solid oak coffee table and linen sofa, side tables/stools in heat-treated ash

Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen includes armchairs, small armchairs, 2- and 3-seater chairs, low tables, coffee tables, consoles/desks, dining chairs, stools, rugs, table lamps, and various accessories. All elements express Vincent Van Duysen’s spirit and style; they are designed to have a definite personality but can be easily inserted into various interior design contexts.

zara vincent van duysen
Oak stools with leather seat

The aim of the collection is to create furniture elements of excellent quality, with an unmistakable style, with a price that is accessible to a very wide market segment. Which is certainly broader than the target audience of the companies with which the Flemish architect usually collaborates. And probably this collection really expresses the philosophy of an architect who, while living and working in a world of exclusive beauty, has found the ideal partner to make it affordable.

Heat-treated ash side table

Nevertheless, these are not simple furnishings to interpret. On the contrary, the elements have varying degrees of complexity, implying an appreciation of a simple yet exclusive lifestyle that goes beyond trends and brands. Therefore, Vincent Van Duysen’s furnishings may become accessible to all, but at the same time Zara Home presents itself with a decidedly more exclusive image.

Oak chairs with leather upholstery, in a Brazilian modernist setting, at Vincent Van Duysen’s home in Portugal

The pieces in the collection


The sofas reproduce the archetypal English or French sofa. Very comfortable and generously shaped, they are perfectly suited to Parisian or London interiors; the covers are in cotton, linen or bouclé, in light or dark colors – green, brown, blue, ecru, the typical colors of Flemish nature.

Three-seater sofa upholstered in cotton, in a Baroque setting

Armchairs, chairs, stools

Armchairs and chairs have wooden frames in solid oak, either light or black stained, for different styles. Upholstery is made of smooth or woven leather, with extremely fine details and shapes designed to be comfortable.

Dark stained solid oak chair

Side tables

Different models of side table (Blocks, Cross) are available for different functions. Made of heat-treated oak or ash, or limestone, and available in various sizes, they are versatile and suitable for any room in the house, from the living area to the sleeping area.

Detail of the heat-treated ash side table

The collection includes a desk/console, which in Vincent Van Duysen’s designs is typically placed behind the sofa; also available are a table lamp, various accessories, and hand-knotted rugs from India. The collection will be on sale from June 30 on the Zara Home website and in some stores.

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