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Italian design and Korean craftsmanship at Milan Design Week 2022

Korean design participated in Milan Design Week 2022, at Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

design coreano milano 2022

During Milan Design Week 2022, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli in Milan housed the exhibition Again, From The Earth’s Foundation. Korean craftsmanship and Italian design met for an exhibition of over 100 pieces, united by the pursuit of beauty and respect for nature.

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design coreano milano 2022

On display were works resulting from the cultural exchange between three big names in Italian design and three Korean master craftsmen. More precisely, Michele De Lucchi, Mario Trimarchi and Francesco Faccin collaborated with Gangyong Park, Hyungkun Lee and Sungja Hur.

The exhibition was inspired by the concept of “Sobak”, “a natural or raw state without any human touch” or “original state”. So is a white state when silkworm’s threads are yet to be dyed, Bak is the state of wood before its processing. In the exhibition, the naturalism of “Sobak”, the foundation of Korean aesthetics, met the excellence of Italian design. The aim was to instill in the visitors empathy with nature through Korean craftsmanship interpreted by Italian designers. A total of 100 works created by Italian designers (three works by Michele De Lucchi, five by Mario Trimarchi and three by Francesco Faccin) and 14 Korean artists were on display. The artworks are made from metals, textiles, wood, glass and Hanji (traditional Korean paper) to show the essence of Korean craftsmanship, with the artistic direction of Shin-jae Kang.

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design coreano milano 2022

The exhibition Again, From The Earth’s Foundation was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – Republic of Korea and Seoul-based KCDF – Korea Craft Design Foundation.

[Text Arianna Callocchia/ Ph: Yula Lee]


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