Un bio architetto per amica, a book by Isabella Goldmann

Un bio architetto per amica: a book to have a healthier and more beautiful home

Written by Isabella Goldmann, Un bio architetto per amica (A Bio Architect for a Friend) is a book dedicated to all those who want to take care of their home and make it healthier and more beautiful. Isabella Goldmann, the author, is an architect with a busy and interesting life. Born in Amsterdam, she moved to Rome when she was still very young, where she worked in TV as an anchorwoman and then became an actress in TV series. Through her work in television, she became more familiar with set design, an interesting subject to an architecture student. After obtaining her architecture degree, she chose to change paths and studied Communications in the United States and obtained a Marketing specialization from Bocconi. It was only after several years of work as a Director of Communications for several multinational companies that she returned to architecture and made it her profession.

bio architetto amica libro

Isabella Goldmann and bioclimatic architecture for well-being

Today, Isabella Goldmann believes in architecture as a means to improve people’s lives. Her architecture, in fact, is bioclimatic and sustainable. As she explains in the book’s introduction, “My architecture comes from history, and it looks back to history again and again. Once upon a time, the ancients built well, using local materials and depending on the territory. That was bioclimatic and sustainable architecture. However, since the postwar period, with the arrival of oil, systems began to compensate for design deficiencies. Before that, until the 1940s, houses used to be designed to be “naturally” sustainable. I really see myself as a champion of the return to intelligence in architecture and to the intelligent recovery of existing architecture. The architect (as Plato and later Vitruvius said) is just like a ‘doctor of the inhabited space’; s/he is responsible for people’s well-being and health, because ‘where we live’ affects ‘how we are’.

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A bioclimatic, more beautiful and healthier house

Now that she has more than 30 years of experience in applying these principles to real-world architecture, Isabella Goldmann has decided to combine her communication and architecture skills to offer the general public a chance to learn more about what bioclimatic architecture is and how it can be applied to improve their lives.

A book to understand bioclimatic architecture

Un bio architetto per amica is a book that simply and effectively explains how one’s home can become an ideal place in which to live and feel good. The book does not give suggestions in terms of style, but effective advice on everything you need to consider when approaching the design of a house. It starts with the analysis of one’s habits aimed at understanding whether the chosen space is the right one for one’s aptitudes. The IGBI – Isabella Goldmann Bio Interiors method is a scientific method where beauty and ergonomics are designed together to obtain the perfect home. Moreover, Isabella Goldmann’s approach to design requires that all phases of the project be clearly planned and that there be clarity even on budget issues.

All of these aspects are explained in the book with the utmost clarity, which is probably why the book is among the most successful downloads in the architecture and interiors section of Amazon. Reviews also confirm that the book is considered by its readers as a very clear and comprehensive home improvement guide.

Info: Unbioarchitettoperamica.it

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