Lightben by Bencore: ultralight and sustainable panels

Bencore has been given due recognition: Ligthben panels have obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) on the basis of the products’ LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Lightben panels by Bencore have recently obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which certifies products’ sustainability through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method.

pannello lightben bencore

Bencore’s Lightben is an ultralight composite panel whose core is made of transparent polycarbonate cylinders. This core is combined with external layers available in polycarbonate, PETG, and acrylic, in various finishes and colors.

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pannello lightben bencore

Thanks to the studies conducted for the EPD certification, Lightben’s environmental impact is evaluated using the LCA method, which considers all stages of the product life cycle. Lightben panels’ rating is between “good” and “very good”, which shows the company’s ability to minimize the environmental impact of the material throughout the product life cycle.

pannello lightben bencore
Magic Leap HQ, Plantation, Florida; project by Glavovic Studio, ph: Robin Hill

Bencore has always had a strong focus on sustainability; its primary goal is to provide architects and designers with increasingly green solutions. As is the case with the new Magic Leap headquarters, a project by Glavovic Studio architecture firm, in Plantation, Florida. For this massive workspace, Bencore employed Lightben for the main wall on which the building’s design concept is developed. In this project, Lightben is backlit, making it possible to create light effects on surfaces and in the space.

Magic Leap HQ, Plantation, Florida; project by Glavovic Studio, ph: Robin Hill. In the picture, Lightben is backlit

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