ALTATENSIONE Vimar Made in Italy at ADI Design Museum

ALTATENSIONE Vimar: an exhibition on ideas, objects and society, from the electric home to the smart home

The ADI Design Museum will be hosting the exhibition ALTATENSIONE Vimar made in Italy until November 14, 2022. The exhibition is dedicated to Vimar, an Italian company that has brought electricity and power-related services to Italian homes from after World War II to the present.

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altatensione vimar

Divided into five sections, the exhibition illustrates the evolution of the company’s products, services and structure. From the simple provision of new services to existing homes to the integration of electrical services into the body of the home itself, Vimar products have developed to become fundamental components of architectural design.

altatensione vimar

On display are eighty years of history of the company and the home through electrical objects. From lampholders to accessories, to elements for built-in systems; modular electrical objects, from frames to built-in controls, to home automation systems, it is a journey that goes hand in hand with changes in customs and habits.

altatensione vimar

Along with the evolution of products, the exhibition route also shows the evolution of an industrial culture that represents a set of values directly related to the success of products. The courage to risk capital, time and labor in research and innovation, the strong presence in the country, and attention to how home culture, technology and social responsibility change.

Complementing the exhibition is an extensive catalog published by DDW Design Diffusion World, with graphic design by Alessandro Colombo, Paola Garbuglio, Terra.

ALTATENSIONE Vimar made in Italy
ADI Design Museum
until Novmber 14, 2022

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