4D ceramic by SapienStone

SapienStone, an Iris Ceramica Group brand, presents 4D, the sustainable ceramic that revolutionizes the interior design world

At Cersaie, SapienStone, an Iris Ceramica Group brand, presented Ceramica 4D, the sustainable ceramic that revolutionizes the world of interior design. Ceramica 4D, in fact, is not a simple granite surface, but the result of a re-engineering of the material.

Iris Ceramica Group and sustainability

Ceramica 4D is as solid as a rock and composed of natural minerals. In its thickness – 12 or 20 mm – the slab contains all the elements from which life originates: water, fire and earth. The surface is the result of a layering process of natural elements. The uniqueness of Ceramics 4D is in the thickness, which preserves the same natural veining and geometric patterns found on the surface.

ceramica 4D Iris Ceramica Group

SapienStone and its revolution in the ceramic world

SapienStone, Iris Ceramica Group’s brand of ceramic surfaces, is an expression of the technological innovation that the company has always advocated. A forerunner of a new way of narrating interior design, SapienStone best conveys the expressive potential of the 4D dimension of ceramics, and much more. It amplifies the aesthetic potential of the material, promoting new ways of using it. And through a new architectural language, the thickness shows all the beauty and complexity of the material.

Ceramica 4 D Iris Ceramica Group

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