CellarVerse: wineries land in the metaverse

CellarVerse is the first Italian startup to launch Italian wineries into the metaverse for free and promote the purchase of limited-edition bottles CellarVerse is an Italian startup born in the metaverse from an idea by Paolo Angeleri and Rosangela Mastronardi, with support from Salvatore Bruno, Antonella Groppo and Daphne Rechberger. The startup is dedicated to […]

The Lumijoki log school in Oulu, by Luo architects

Luo architects designed the Lumijoki log school in Oulu, Finland, an example of green architecture, made with locally-sourced natural materials Luo architects designed the Lumijoki log school in Oulu, Finland, an eco-friendly building made with natural materials reminiscent of traditional buildings in the area. Designed by Virve Väisänen, it offers the local rural community a new […]