CellarVerse: wineries land in the metaverse

CellarVerse is the first Italian startup to launch Italian wineries into the metaverse for free and promote the purchase of limited-edition bottles

CellarVerse is an Italian startup born in the metaverse from an idea by Paolo Angeleri and Rosangela Mastronardi, with support from Salvatore Bruno, Antonella Groppo and Daphne Rechberger. The startup is dedicated to wine enthusiasts from around the world and wine operators who want to promote their products in the metaverse, an ever-expanding virtual reality, to spread the culture of wine even among young and less experienced people.

cantine vini nel metaverso

Wineries go virtual

Wineries that choose to affiliate with CellarVerse increase their brand awareness through immersive user experiences. To affiliate with the network, each winery must provide a minimum number of 12 bottles to enter the metaverse.

Rosangela Mastronardi, CEO CellarVerse, explains, “We select only particular bottles – either vintage or from special collections, made exclusively to be sold only through the purchase of an NFT. We do not aim for large numbers, so we are unlike to plan more than 240 bottles from the same winery in a year. Sales are based on limited releases, at least one month apart. Unlike others who enter the NFT world only with large quantities, we want to focus on small quantities; this allows us to give more value and uniqueness to the NFT associated with the physical bottle produced by the winery or in collaboration with an artist. The latest collaborations we are establishing will offer small collections with labels customized by artists as well as hand-painted bottles sold exclusively on our website.”

Unlike some of its competitors, CellarVerse opens the doors of its Community not only to big names in the wine world, but also to small wineries that produce exclusive high-quality products.

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cantine vini nel metaverso

Shopping in the metaverse

Despite becoming for all intents and purposes the property of the buyer, the bottles purchased in the metaverse continue to be physically stored in the winery. The buyer will also hold a virtual version of the bottle in their wallet, which will always remain available for viewing as a purchase reminder.

CellarVerse: the first wine community in the metaverse

Membership in the CellarVerse community is free of charge and grants access to many events that will take place both in a wine cellar in the metaverse, which is still under construction, and in real, brick-and-mortar venues. Lastly, some of the special events held in the metaverse will require the purchase of an entrance fee.

cantine vini nel metaverso

Some of the bottles for sale

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