Mleiha Archaeological Centre, United Arab Emirates

Mleiha Archaeological Centre: contemporary design in the Sharjah desert, a project by Dabbagh Architects Archaeology and architecture dialogue harmoniously in the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. Located in the Sharjah desert, at the foot of Fossil Rock, this contemporary facility includes a visitor center and museum. The project is an important cultural hub for the development of […]

Boero: Progetto Colore in Rapallo

Progetto Colore for Rapallo, in collaboration with Boero, studies existing materials and colors to preserve the identity of the place when restoring buildings The City of Rapallo, with the advice of architect Francesca Salvarani, developed Progetto Colore, in collaboration with Boero. Progetto Colore analyzed 62 buildings in Rapallo’s historic center to help designers working on […]