Boero: Progetto Colore in Rapallo

Progetto Colore for Rapallo, in collaboration with Boero, studies existing materials and colors to preserve the identity of the place when restoring buildings

The City of Rapallo, with the advice of architect Francesca Salvarani, developed Progetto Colore, in collaboration with Boero. Progetto Colore analyzed 62 buildings in Rapallo’s historic center to help designers working on their renovation. Rapallo is a coastal city that has been a tourist destination since the mid-19th century; the buildings involved in this project, therefore, are often in an advanced state of decay.

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progetto colore rapallo

Progetto Colore analyzed typical local colors to identify color ranges related to local tradition that are still legible and preserved today. These are color families inspired by local hues, earths, clays, stones and other local natural materials.

progetto colore rapallo

The methodology of this work has a scientific and design approach that entails several phases of façade analysis making it possible to reconstruct the geometry of the decorations and explore the colors to facilitate the design phase.

progetto colore rapallo

Materials and colors in harmony with the area

The study of the materials of the buildings’ exterior surfaces is also fundamental; plasters and color films, along with the nature of the ancient pigments and local execution techniques, play a key role. Boero and Francesca Salvarani’s Progetto Colore, therefore, offers the possibility of creating a valuable database for reconstructing façades and their colors. An innovative design tool that can be used for the chromatic design of historic and contemporary buildings.

progetto colore rapallo

The goals of this project are several. In addition to maintaining and restoring façade decorations, the project allows for quality and durable interventions and preserves the historical recognizability of the façade and the building. It also makes it possible to preserve local and – if possible – natural materials with related technologies and to use colors that are related to the life of the building and verified in context. Lastly, the methodological approach makes it possible to verify the compatibility of the materials and techniques to be used, even in light of new products on the market.

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