Ted Ankara College Campus by Uygur Architects

Uygur Architects designed the Performing Arts Center on the Ted Ankara College Campus, in Ankara

Uygur Architects Performing Arts Center

Turkish practice Uygur Architects designed the Performing Arts Center, a new performing arts space built on the Ted Ankara College Campus, in Ankara. This new facility offers students a multipurpose performing arts center that can accommodate up to 1,500 people.

The project of Ankara’s Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center is characterized by a sculptural volume with an irregular rectangular shape and triangular faceted surfaces. This building blends seamlessly with the existing ones on the campus while retaining its own distinct identity. Outside the building, the different angles of the triangular surfaces and light reflections on the facades’ wooden cladding create dynamic plays of light and shadow.

Uygur Architects Performing Arts Center

Inside, the performance hall has a fan shape reminiscent of ancient Greek theaters. Thanks to partition walls and curtains, the hall acquires a multipurpose character and is able to accommodate different types of shows and performances. The transparent glass side walls create continuity between the indoor and outdoor environments. As a result, spectators will always feel as if they are watching outdoor performances.

Lastly, the terrace of the Performing Arts Center, designed by Uygur Architects, is oriented southwest and can be used as an outdoor foyer or as an outdoor space hosting events or performances at sunset.

[Text: Arianna Callocchia / Photo: Cemal Emden]

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