3D Surfaces by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents Graniti Maximum: three-dimensional granite slabs for high-value decorative solutions with a strong visual impact

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces- graniti maximum
Graniti Maximum Alaska White

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents Graniti Maximum, a collection of granite slabs, available in the honed, lapped and glint finishes. The collection is the result of complex research and development conducted by Iris Ceramica Group, of which Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is a part, which led to the creation of a three-dimensional decorative surface with a strong visual impact.

3D slabs by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Graniti Maximum’s three finishes offer multi-sensory perceptions with a high aesthetic value. In the honed finish, the slab takes on a matte, natural appearance, while the lapped finish gives a shiny and elegant glossy-matte contrasting look. Finally, in the glint finish, the slab features evenly distributed highlights and luminous pigments that create dynamic surfaces with an intense and bold beauty.

MAximum Graniti Fiandre Archtiectural Surfaces Graniti Maximum Celeste Aran

Colors and finishes

Graniti Maximum, the new collection from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, includes four surfaces whose aesthetic features derive from the combination of expertly crafted grains and crystals. Each surface is produced by reinterpreting aspects and colors of nature through state-of-the-art production technologies. The Graniti Maximum textures are Alaska White Maximum, Celeste Aran Maximum, Labradorite Maximum, and Deep Norway Maximum.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces- graniti maximum
Maximum Graniti Labradorite Maximum

Formats and uses

Designed to enhance the ideas of architects and designers, the Graniti Maximum collection offers the large 300×150 cm format and several sub-formats. The versatility of this product allows it to cover any type of surface: façades, walls, and floors. Moreover, granite provides durability, mechanical resistance to chemical attack and absorption, and ease of cleaning. The thickness of only 6 mm makes it also possible to use the slabs as an integral part of furniture elements, covering tables, partitions, furnishings, doors, ceilings, backlit walls, seating and bathroom accessories.

Maximum Graniti Deep Norway Maximum

Maximum collections from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces are sustainable

In the Maximum collections, the pursuit of beauty goes hand in hand with protecting the environment and promoting well-being. With their reduced thickness, MAXIMUM surfaces not only significantly reduce the need to use raw materials and energy consumption, but also contain more than 40% recycled material by weight, in accordance with the ISO 14021 standard, thus ensuring the highest LEED & BREEAM scores. Moreover, the MAXIMUM surfaces are GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and are included in the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The EPD is based on product lifecycle analysis in compliance with the UNI EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards and according to the “from cradle to grave” method.


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