BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

Big news for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023: new prizes and categories to enhance small- and large-scale architecture

Melopee School. International Architecture Award 2021 Grand Prize. Ph: Maxime Delvaux

The BigMat International Architecture Award comes with a new format, new categories and new prizes. One of the most important competitions in Europe, it will enhance architecture in all its shapes and sizes, both large- and small-scale.

Register for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

Registration for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023 will be open until April 27. Conceived and promoted by the BigMat Group, the biennial competition is focused on the works that have made a considerable contribution to contemporary architectural culture.

The competition considers impressive large-scale works and “everyday” smaller interventions, supporting high-quality architecture in its various forms. BigMat therefore wants to reward all those works, large and small, capable of redesigning the urban landscape with spaces that convey innovative, sustainable values, comfort, housing well-being and energy efficiency.

Bigmat International Architecture Award
Pirelli Learning Center. National Prize Italy 2021. Ph: Filippo Romano, Helene Binet

What’s new for the 2023 edition: new prizes and awards

BigMat reshapes the international awards with the aim of enhancing both categories at the same time.

In fact, this new edition will feature two Grand Architecture Prizes, each worth 30,000 euros: one for projects in the “Small-Scale Residential Architecture” category and the other for those in the “Large-Scale Architectural Works” category.

Moreover, this year, the “Small-Scale Residential Architecture” category will also include single-family dwellings (newly built or renovated/expanded) and small-scale residential projects containing up to 12 residential units and/or a maximum built area of 1,200 sqm.

Special Mention for Small-Scale Projects 2021. Casa O Fieiro. Ph: Alfonso Quiroga

The regulation

Works created between January 1, 2019, and January 1, 2023, in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain – the seven countries where the BigMat brand operates – can be entered in the competition.

In the first phase, the jury will select 140 works (70 for each of the two categories). Then, it will announce the seven winners from each country and both categories from the 14 finalist works.

Among these seven, only one will win the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023. This year, a Special Mention will also be awarded to young architects aged under 40.

The jury of the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

The entries will be judged by an international panel made up of leading figures in the industry from the seven countries taking part in the competition. It will be chaired by Jesús Aparicio, architect and professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with Jesús Donaire, architect and professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, as the Awards Secretary. The jury also includes Enrico Molteni (Italy), architect and professor at the Architecture and Design Design department of the University of Genova; David Van Severen (Belgium), architect and founder of OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen; Petr Janda (representing the Czech Republic and Slovakia), architect and founder of Brainwork; Gilles Delalex (France), architect and principal at Muoto Architecture Studio; Nuno Brandão Costa (Portugal), architect and professor; Ángela García de Paredes (Spain), architect and founder of Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos, professor at the Project Design department of the  ETSAM in Madrid.

The awards ceremony that will take place in November 2023 coinciding with the Annual Congress of the BigMat International Group.

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