Natural fiber fabrics by CMO Paris

CMO Paris presents its new collection of handcrafted natural fiber wallcovering and upholstery fabrics perfect for any interior design style

CMO Paris tessuti in fibra naturale
Lueur d’abaca fabric, mural in abaca, or Manila hemp, one of the most durable textile fibers, belonging to the banana family. Since this fiber is obtained through an eco-friendly process, abaca yarn is 100 percent plant-based.

CMO Paris is a French brand that produces environmentally sustainable wallcovering and upholstery fabrics, which are appreciated by architects and interior designers around the world. CMO Paris fabrics are made from naturally sourced fibers, processed solely by hand by skilled artisans. The collections consist of natural elements such as abaca, palm leaves, raffia, linen, silk, wool, water hyacinth, cashmere and ramie.

The fabrics have different aesthetic and tactile characteristics that are well suited to any interior design style. Moreover, being handmade, each model bears the signature of its weaver, always resulting in a one-of-a-kind and inimitable design.

CMO Paris tessuti in fibra naturale
Hurricane Mural fabric in brass and bramble wood

CMO Paris and the focus on sustainable development

Respect for the ecosystem in which plants are grown and harvested to give fiber is the main factor determining CMO Paris’ processing methods. On the other hand, the materials used by the brand help preserve biodiversity, sustain the soil and are a refuge for many animals. Irresponsible use of these plants would compromise the health of some important natural areas of our planet.

Therefore, with extreme care and respect, CMO Paris chooses only specimens that can be used in a sustainable way, ensuring rapid regrowth of the fiber and a non-invasive type of cutting.

Symphonie de Soies fabric in hand-spun silk

Preserving ancient traditions

CMO Paris works to protect and pass on manufactured goods made with plant fibers and ancient craft techniques. As they are being used less and less due to industrialization, these processing techniques are in danger of being forgotten.

The value of a natural fiber fabric

From nature to the artisan: this is the “short production chain” of the fiber before being subjected to hours of processing during which artisans put all their know-how at the service of a fabric that often requires even an entire day’s work to be made.

CMO Paris 2023 Collection

CMO Paris presents its new designs for 2023: natural fiber indoor fabrics suitable for all kinds of surfaces – walls, curtains, lampshades and sliding doors.

Soie Bois Mural fabric made of paulownia wood, a tree that grows and regenerates quickly, and silk


Discover the fabric with a sustainable color

The fabric that purifies air and improves sleep

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