ACDF Architecture’s glass house

ACDF Architecture designs a glass house surrounded by nature in Quebec (Canada)

la casa di vetro ACDF Architecture

In the green heart of Lanaudière, one of Quebec’s administrative regions, in Canada, ACDF Architecture designed Apple Tree House, a single-story glass house surrounded by nature.

Nature inside and outside the house

The home’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide a direct connection with the surrounding nature. As a result, visual contact with the outdoors allows the owners to carefully experience weather phenomena and climate changes associated with the seasons. The centerpiece of the project is a large apple tree that stands in the center of the house in an open-air rectangular courtyard. This tree symbolizes the family’s passion for orchards and nature in general.

ACDF Architecture’s glass house

The private rooms of the house are located within three volumes made of concrete slabs, clad in solid aluminum frames. The first volume houses the garage and service area of the house, the second is dedicated to the children’s bedrooms and bathroom, the third houses the master suite, consisting of a bedroom, private living room and a bathroom. This is followed by the living room, dining room and kitchen, which are visually connected to each other and to the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling windows.

La casa di vetro ACDF Architecture

Adjacent to the garage, large concrete blocks define a stepped path leading up to the main entrance. At the back, a covered porch equipped with a wood stove and comfortable seating allows people to enjoy the beautiful forest landscape in both summer and winter. Moreover, the presence of screens that can be lowered and raised as needed provides protection from insects and the elements.

A window on the world

At the entrance, a piano set in a custom-built alcove welcomes those who enter. The floor of the dwelling is made of polished concrete, while the ceiling is made of separate wooden slats, behind which a black fabric contributes to capturing reverberation, making the atmosphere comfortable and compact.

Inside the glass house designed by ACDF Architecture, a French-made hanging fireplace denotes the only decorative intrusion in an elegantly furnished minimalist space. The solid wood dining table comes from Italy, while the seats combine neutral tones with bright colors such as pink and green. The beauty of this home is determined by the natural panorama framed by the windows, which changes with the weather and the seasons, and the presence of the apple tree that, in the center of the house, accompanies the family in their daily routine.

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