La Casa Moderna

Living solutions by La Casa Moderna

La Casa Moderna designs versatile and functional living areas with aesthetic care and cutting-edge technology

La Casa Moderna
Global Day 15, living room unit with base and wall units in melamine and wood-effect ribbed paneling

La Casa Moderna offers custom designs for every space in the home as well as furniture elements characterized by Italian design, craftsmanship and continuous innovation. Whether it’s the master bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living area, the brand, part of, a group created together with the best Italian professionals in the sector, accompanies you through all the stages of design: from the choice of made-to-measure or standard furniture to its assembly, guaranteeing a final result in line with the customer’s expectations and desires, respecting the budget and the established timeframe.

The living area according to La Casa Moderna

La Casa Moderna believes that the living area must be an organized space where storage function and aesthetics harmoniously coexist. An environment where larger spaces and walls accommodate home entertainment systems, books, keepsakes and decorative objects in a versatile and neat way.

The brand’s wide proposal offers numerous inspirations for heterogeneous approaches as well as customized projects thanks to the versatility of individual pieces and systems. Therefore, the living room by La Casa Moderna is the perfect place to meet multiple needs with wall units, open compartments and integrated home office solutions.

La Casa Moderna
DESERT SONG wallpaper, La casa Moderna By Inkiostro Bianco collection

The bookcase…at the center!

The brand also offers freestanding full-height versions that turn into dividers toward the kitchen area; it plays with monochromatic volumes to give life to architectural walls with different linear furnishings, such as a colored cupboard or a light metal bookcase, which leave in view what is stored on the shelves.

And it is precisely on the bookcase that La Casa Moderna places great emphasis: horizontal, vertical, open or closed, it can be reinvented depending on the space, taste and design requirements. A modular, flexible and versatile product is equipped with doors that can be hinged or sliding, lacquered, made of glass or wood, as well as cable ducts and drop-down tops.

SOLIDA DAY 13, living room unit with melamine structure, storage units, backs and partitions in lacquered metal, metal ladder and rail

La Casa Moderna’s modular systems: true design elements

La Casa Moderna’s offering also includes versatile modular components that can be hung, suspended or floor-standing, available in numerous shapes and finishes.. There are also cabinets that become larger and smarter TV-units, with a swivel TV stand system for screens up to 65 inches. The integration of folding or retractable desks meets the new everyday needs of the home office. Last but not least, LED lighting systems transform walls into authentic design elements.

SOLIDA DAY 42, melamine home office system with one side panel, TV panel, drop-down desk, matte lacquered wood-effect laminate doors

Customized furniture solutions for every interior design project

The idea of functional storage and decorative furniture, therefore, finds a wide variety of solutions among the proposals of La Casa Moderna, based on shape, material finishes, color, for cozy and functional living areas that are perfect for every interior design style.

La Casa Moderna
SOLIDA DAY 11, living room unit with wood paneling and matte lacquer, metal shelves, wooden top, drawers and trays, matte lacquered wall unit

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