Recycling becomes a game… with KLOSS

KLOSS is the new modular waste recycling system proposed by TreCe and inspired by children’s building blocks

TreCe, one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of storage furniture and waste containers for offices and public spaces, launches KLOSS, a new modular waste recycling system designed by Swedish firm Kauppi & Kauppi. Inspired by children’s toy blocks, KLOSS can furnish any indoor and outdoor space with flexible and original compositions designed to make spaces more colorful and invite people to make more ecological and sustainable choices.

Modular, functional and eco-friendly

KLOSS includes three different modules, made of 20 percent long-lasting recycled steel. These modules can be used individually or in groups, have wheels or adjustable feet at the base, offer openings of different shapes and sizes, and be equipped with soft-closing lids.

Moreover, KLOSS is equipped with a bag holder and internal container that prevents leakage while reducing the use of bags.

Available in any RAL color, TreCe’s new waste recycling system can be combined in different compositions. The modules, in fact, can be arranged in long rows against the wall, follow inner and outer corners, surround a pillar, or, be grouped in small or large free-standing islands.

TreCe Kloss

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