Design Shenzhen 2024

The second edition of Design Shenzhen is underway

Design Shenzhen returns from March 21 to 24, 2024. The fair’s program includes installations and events dedicated to design and technology

The second edition of Design Shenzhen will be held March 21-24, 2024 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Focusing on the fusion of design and technology, the event is set to bring together brands and designers from around the world, and will set the stage for a wide range of innovative products featuring cutting-edge technologies.

Design Shenzhen 2024

Design Shenzhen: a new exhibition layout by CCD

Design Shenzhen’s new exhibition layout has been created by Cheng Chung Design, an interior design firm based in Hong Kong, which, drawing inspiration from the physics concept of fusion, where light atomic nuclei converge to form heavier ones, created a new creative and dynamic itinerary.

Inspired by the idea of nuclear fusion, Design Shenzhen will serve as a gathering point for innovators and thought leaders across various fields such as design, science, technology, fostering collisions that generate a powerful surge of creativity. The new layout will offer an exhibition experience tailored for both industry professionals and design enthusiasts.

The highlights of the fair


In GOOD DESIGN SELECT, the “Design Anatomy” exhibition, curated by Shi Xiaoxi, will analyze the products that won the G-Mark Award. The showcase will delve into various dimensions of design through a microscopic-level approach that makes it possible to see details and curious facts about each work. In particular, products will be analyzed in their anatomy and ethics with a focus on forms, colors, materials, trends, inspirations, production processes, packaging and brand ethics. This method ensures that visitors gain a profound understanding of the award-winning works, offering a comprehensive and detailed experience with a strong visual impact.

Design Shenzhen 2024


The goal of WellConnect, co-sponsored by David Hugh, Design Shenzhen, and the Guoshu Longhui Fund, is to cultivate awareness regarding the active pursuit of holistic health. Simultaneously, it offers a platform for brands, designers, and conscious consumers who are interested in holistic health. It is not by chance that the launch of this year’s Design Shenzhen coincide with World Sleep Day, marking the opportune moment for WellConnect to delve into the concept of a “Nest”.

Design Shenzhen 2024

Therefore, this area will be characterized by products, activities, and research focused on people’s well-being. In collaboration with LWK+PARTNERS Architects, WellConnect will offer a health experience that seamlessly integrates architecture and design with new knowledge and behavioral practices fostering holistic well-being.


IDEA BOX, a feature highlight in the first edition of Design Shenzhen, will return in 2024. Inspired by the “box” and centered on “lifestyle”, this section aims to create a complete ecosystem of object design, linking domestic and international quality channels and platforms to help brands grow in the direction of commercialization. In 2024, IDEA BOX will double its exhibition space, adopt sustainable and eco-friendly construction methods, and add two new exciting sections – “NEW IDEA”, dedicated to the latest products, and “GOOD IDEA”, dedicated to products that make life exciting by design.

Design Shenzhen 2024

The Design Transformation by Raritag

Raritag is a CCD’s (Cheng Chung Design) technology brand that fuses digital technology into the design industry. On the occasion of Design Shenzhen 2024, Raritag will showcase IDEAFUSION, a digital platform dedicated to interior designers inviting them to discover rare and sustainable materials from around the world. Under the theme of “Design Transformation”, the exhibition will integrate these materials into the Smart Cloud work mode, offering groundbreaking design experiences.

3D printing brand LINKUNIT

DAST Technology and Art Application Feature Highlight

Design Shenzhen, in collaboration with TalKU, is set to unveil the “DAST Technology and Art Application Feature Highlight.” DAST, an acronym for Design-Art-Social-Tech, represents a pioneering model that specifically targets the activation of commercial real estate. This exhibition will showcase a 700-square-meter miniature model aimed at inspiring professionals to design diverse solutions for the effective marketing of commercial real estate. In fact, it will be possible to take part in concurrent design activities going beyond the mere exhibition.

Rural Futures Award

The Rural Futures Award is a biennial award jointly initiated by the Chinese young architects’ community “Architectural Practice Talks (APT)” in collaboration with “Design Shenzhen.” The application process for the second edition will be launched soon, with the award ceremony slated to take place at Design Shenzhen in 2025. Rural Futures Award spotlights outstanding architectural practices in the realm of rural construction, with a dedicated focus on the Chinese countryside. Its goal is to unearth exemplary approaches to rural construction, providing positive guidance for sustainable development in the Chinese countryside in the years to come.

Design Shenzhen 2024

WAD Luxury and WAD World

2024 WAD Luxury House Design and Construction Summit and WAD World Youth Designer Conference will take place at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, running concurrently with Design Shenzhen. The summit will bring together over 1,500 outstanding designers and engineers specializing in luxury home construction and industry leaders in top-notch construction. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, a highly influential figure in the design industry, will serve as the chairman of the summit.

Distinguished guests

The second edition of Design Shenzhen is set to assemble master craftsmen and pioneers in the field of technology. Distinguished guests attending the event include luminaries such as Ross Lovegrove, British industrial design master, Founder and Director of FOR LOVE &; Leon Krykhtin, Founder and Creative Director of Leon Krykhtin Design Network (LKDN); Cheng Chung, Founder and Creative Director of CCD Hong Kong; Hu Weijian, President and Managing Partner of CCD; Ila Colombo, Creative and Strategic Director of Colombo Creative; Nada Debs, Artist, Designer, and Founder and Creative Director of Studio Nada Debs; Graeme Brooker, Head of Department of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art (RCA), United Kingdom.

Design Shenzhen 2024 Main Forum Speakers

Some brands taking part in the fair

The second edition of Design Shenzhen is set to unveil an array of international brands and emerging trends. For example, Casa Jolie will introduce a fresh series of high-quality Italian flooring from Listone Giordano. Other notable participants include Caesarstone (Israel), Infinity (Italy); Liebherr, Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Durability (Germany). Moreover, the exhibition will offer the opportunity to discover the latest from local brands such as DakHaan, GRADOCONTRACT, BURGUNIE, DECO-DECO, HOPE SPACE, TAT MING.

Through meticulously curated content, a wide range of design brands spanning various sectors, and insights shared by esteemed guests, Design Shenzhen 2024 aims to once again harness the power of technology to inspire and promote the development of the design industry in the Greater Bay Area. Relying on cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends, Design Shenzhen is poised to usher in a new era fusing technology, art and design.

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