Slalom: sustainable acoustic comfort

Slalom presents Woody and Bloom, two new eco-friendly sound-absorbing panels with a unique design

Slalom Acoustic & partition systems is an Italian company that produces sound-absorbing panels able to offer acoustic comfort and high-quality design. A leading company in the acoustic design sector, Slalom approaches design in a completely sustainable way, starting with the choice of raw materials, which are recycled and recyclable and go through production processes with a low environmental impact.

Slalom sound-absorbing panels
Ph: Gianluca Bellomo

The brand presents a wide range of dynamic and vibrant tailor-made products, available as wall, desk and freestanding solutions. All collections are marked by Acoustethics, a neologism indicating the synergy between acoustics, ethics and aesthetics. The circular design in which the company believes makes it constantly invest in functionality, durability and recycling. Moreover, each fabric, felt, and color are chosen so that the space can communicate emotions that stimulate the senses and create unique atmospheres.

Woody and Bloom: the new sound-absorbing panels

Among the brand’s latest innovations are Woody and Bloom. The former comes from the innovative patent-pending technology that thermoforms FSC wood and recycled plastic fibers. This is an absolute novelty in the field of acoustics: the fusion of PET fibers with wood veneer ensures a solid yet lightweight product that is very easy to install.

Another result of the same technology, Bloom is a blend of natural fibers and flower petals and has local, fast regrowing, natural as its keywords. This blend derives from selected soils that are cultivated to maintain the biodiversity of an ecological corridor, following the seasonality of crops and the rules of climate neutral production. Treated at high temperatures, the flowers retain their fragrance while losing their allergen.

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