Tortona Rocks Design Week 2024

The Tortona Rocks Fuorisalone event investigates the new design attitudes that are revolutionizing design, characterized by ecological responsibility and enhancement of know-how

The ninth edition of Tortona Rocks celebrates the return of designer furniture to the Tortona area with the participation of international companies ready to show that furniture is a fertile ground for the cross-contamination of tradition, materials research and contemporary design.

Tortona Rocks Design Week 2024

Prelude, the theme of this new edition of Tortona Rocks

Prelude is the theme of this new edition of Tortona Rocks. In fact, design is experiencing a phase of prelude where pre-established languages and standards are giving way to new compositional approaches. Processes, materials, and technologies are radically changing not only in terms of performance acceleration and the tools of creative thought, but also in response to pressing modern-day issues. From artificial intelligence to environmental responsibility, multiple themes play a part in this prelude to the world of tomorrow. A territory with blurred boundaries that sounds with the echo of a new acoustic energy.

Therefore, Tortona Rocks reaffirms itself as a select hotbed for new design languages, an ever-changing stage that amplifies and dialogues with the post-modern essence of the Tortona district.
Among the highlights of the 2024 event, IKEA takes part with the1st exhibition, Archiproducts Milano presents the Aqua project by Studiopepe, Korean company Noroo presents Hong Chul Wonderland, while Preciosa dazzles with the iridescent lights of the Crystal Beat II installation, combining the uniqueness of Bohemian crystal with technology.

Unmissable events in the Tortona district during Milan Design Week


For the second year running, the Padiglione Visconti (Via Tortona 58) will be home to Ikea’s 1st, an exhibition-event that explores the many “first times” that people experience when they move into their first home, with a particular focus on the new generations. Designed by architect Midori Hasuike and spatial designer Emerzon, the space tells the story of the things that happen when you leave home to live on your own for the very first time: a universal experience that is unique and different for each and every one of us. On display there will be Ikea’s latest products.

But it’s not just about design: this year, the IKEA space will be again a reference point for the public at Design Week. A place to eat, drink, relax and have fun, with a bistro serving dishes specifically created for the event. Moreover, in the evening, the space will come to life with a rich music program, where talented artists will be performing their new songs.

Archiproducts and Studiopepe

Following the success of Terra, Archiproducts and Studiopepe continue their collaboration with a new immersive project. A homage to the vital role that water plays in our lives. The play of light and shadow on the surface of the water creates an evocative atmosphere that symbolizes the dynamic nature of this fundamental element. An exploration of interior design where furniture merges perfectly with forms and materials inspired by water at via Tortona 31.

AG&P greenscape

At Via Savona 50 headquarters, AG&P greenscape is participating in the 2024 edition of Tortona Rocks with an installation that combines nature in the refined form of a rooftop garden with AI and robots. A futuristic coexistence realized in collaboration with a leading partner in the world of robotics.

Designer furniture: Before Vintage Furniture, FROMM, MIDJ, Smania, Tonin Casa

This year, designer furniture will be a key player on the Tortona Rocks circuit with a selection of international and Italian companies, showcasing an eclectic repertoire of styles and manufacturing processes.
From Japan to Qatar, the design traditions of one’s birthplace are reinterpreted in a contemporary key with an injection of innovative elements. Among the selected brands on show at Opificio 31 is Japanese brand Before Vintage Furniture with its range of ecological and durable products made from waste wood, whereas FROMM presents the Ottoman Dream Collection, a collaboration between Doha and Milan authored by designer Antonio Aricò.

Tortona Rocks Design Week 2024
Planum table, Oslo chair, Mug lamp by MIDJ

Paola Navone, Karim Rashid and Giulio Iacchetti are some of the international designers who have collaborated with Italian company MIDJ over the years, elevating the uniqueness of Made in Italy design. There will also be Smania, another Italian company that stands out for its stylistic traits and mastery that could easily be likened to haute couture furniture, and Tonin Casa with their eccentric yet elegant furniture range.

Preciosa Lighting and NOROO Group

At Opificio 31, Preciosa Lighting celebrates the legacy of Bohemian crystal with contemporary projects that fuse artisanal craftmanship and technology. A leader in innovative decorative lighting, Preciosa presents the dynamic Crystal Beat II installation, inviting visitors to embark on a fascinating journey made of rhythms and sparkling lights. Designed by Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, creative directors of Preciosa Lighting, the work takes the audience to a dimension where music and light come together to create an all-encompassing and immersive sensory experience.

Tortona Rocks Design Week 2024
Preciosa Lighting

NOROO Group, the Korean industry leader in the color sector, presents the Hong Chul Wonderland project in collaboration with the visionary Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. On show at Opificio 31, a space that emanates positivity through colors inspired by Ro Hong Chul, the South Korean entertainer, entrepreneur and actor, famous for his optimistic character.
In fact, the façade of Officina 31, one of the most strategic buildings on the exhibition trail, will be clad in the new colors that have been picked by NOROO and used by the street artist to create a unique work with a strong visual impact. A work that tells the story of NOROO’s new visions and trends, immersing visitors in an alternative dimension of color.


Italdesign returns to Milan Design Week with a world debut that follows the principles of the company’s new design philosophy. Asso di Picche in Movimento (Ace of Spades in Motion) abandons the digital realm, transforming into a life-size model that becomes the focal point of the space. A space that straddles the past and the future, and the ideal backdrop for reflecting on Italdesign’s contribution to the design world, a collection that has evolved over fifty years of creativity and social changes.

The electric 2+2 coupé is a symbol of the concept of conscious and sustainable mobility, able to evoke pleasant sensations.

Autentico. Design made in Puglia

Following its success in New York, the Autentico Design Made in Puglia exhibition lands in Milan with a fresh take on sustainable design. Created in collaboration with Archiproducts (the digital giant with headquarters in Bari) and the Apulia Region, and launched in the heart of Milan Design Week, the project focuses on the creativity and talent of Apulian companies in a context where products, materials and visual suggestions emphasize and tell the story of regional excellence and authenticity.

Corian Design

Through an immersive experience, Corian® Design showcases its new range of colors and visual cues inspired by nature. The exhibition features both beautiful ‘monochrome paintings’ designed to inspire visitors and sculptures that draw on nature and show the versatility of the brand.

Tortona Rocks Design Week 2024

The TUD Company

Based in Dubai, The TUD Company designs, produces, promotes and distributes its key product: The Ugly Duck, a series of collectible, limited-edition art toys. TUD’s vision tells the stories of those who were born ugly ducklings, without power or money, but gifted with an enormous potential to change the world. During Design Week 2024 they will present the results of unique collaborations, including American artist Punk Me Tender.

Waste-Less and the awareness campaign on waste separation in public spaces

Also this year, Opificio 31 will be managed as a virtuous model of “transformation”, thanks to Waste-Less, the pilot project that launched an experimental awareness campaign on waste separation in public spaces. Among its core objectives, the initiative aims to reduce waste and promote waste recycling throughout the event. Waste-Less is also involved in upcycling activities, involving exhibiting companies in the recycling and recovery of waste products from the displays, which would otherwise be thrown away.

budbrand: searching new Japanese talent

From Via Tortona 5, Japanese budbrand sends out a message to the next generation of Japanese designers. The mission of the project is to discover new talents on the Japanese design scene through annual competitions that provide creators with enormous creative and expressive freedom. Winning designers and their prototypes are the protagonists of this show on Via Tortona.

The Playful Living and Sfera MediaGroup

Lastly, at via Savona 35, The Playful Living and Sfera MediaGroup (RCS Media Group’s Children’s Division) present the third edition of A Casa Ovunque ’24 (At Home Anywhere), an event that mixes physical and digital experiences to reflect on the new concept of hybrid spaces in the hospitality sector. The theme of 2024 is Human Technology: technology at the service of people and public and private spaces.

Human Technology focuses on creating technological solutions aimed at satisfying the needs of humans and simplifying our day-to-day activities, improving the experience through the creation of more comfortable and functional spaces. The exhibition project unfolds across five rooms dedicated to welcoming, hospitality, work, travel, tourism, children, entertainment and the culture of living and well-being. A new way of living the everyday with attention to sustainability and technology, but above all to people. Outside the building, next to the entrance, the On The Road exhibition portrays travel as a familiar cultural experience and a moment for exploration. Other project segments include Charme Hotel, Open Square, Cultural, Business Lounge, Kids Space.

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