The bioistic installation by Aljoscha at Milan Design Week 2024

Tempesta Gallery presents “Mutative Transitions into Organic Utopia”, a site-specific project by Aljoscha

Tempesta Gallery presents the bioistic installation and other biofuturistic works by Ukrainian artist Aljoscha. The exhibition, open to the public from April 11 to June 28, 2024, offers an immersion into the artist’s multiverse made of delicately colored and translucent forms, inviting the public to reflect on eudemonism, a doctrine that considers it natural for humans to be happy and assigns human life the task of achieving it, alongside bioethics, a field of research and reflection that aims to study the complex moral, social and legal issues raised by developments in the life sciences.

Aljoscha at Museum Schloss Benrath, Düsseldorf

A multicolored installation with a strong visual impact

Aljoscha’s works are made of organic and synthetic materials, such as glass fibers and bioplastics. The multicolored yet transparent installation extends from the ceiling in an ethereal web of weaves that encourages wonder and contemplation. Through suspended forms, Aljoscha tells a story of transitions, an evolution guided not by blind chance but by ethical wisdom and biofuturism.

Aljoscha at Santa Rita, Rome

In the eclectic space of the Tempesta Gallery, distinctions between the natural and unnatural blur, inviting the audience to imagine a future in which every cell of future beings could be composed on a foundation of hope, kindness, and an enduring pursuit of understanding and acceptance.

Aljoscha at St Peter, Cologne

Aljoscha’s work stimulates reflection as well as debate. The implications of such ecosystem designs raise significant questions about the use of biology as a fundamental tool. And this might be precisely the artist’s goal: to provoke questions, to challenge and push toward a conversation about what our biological dystopia or dream might be.

Tempesta Gallery – Foro Buonaparte 68, Milan.

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