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The grammar of wood according to Lualdi

New graphic patterns redefine the aesthetics of the finishes of doors, systems, and furniture offered by Lualdi, making them functional or decorative elements expanding customization possibilities

Lualdi’s new grammar of wood bears the signature of Piero Lissoni and focuses on the possibilities offered by the wide range of finishes applicable to partition systems, movable partitions, and boiserie already present in the Lualdi catalog and designed by the greatest contemporary architects, which on this occasion become true elements of technical innovation and experimentation.

Lualdi doors
Wall & Door with Sliding 50 Linea A and B

Lualdi’s long tradition in woodworking, the result of constant experimentation and research into the material and its potential, has allowed the company to elaborate high-performance, decorative, contemporary proposals, capable of giving new dynamism to established furniture solutions and adapting with maximum flexibility to the demands of individual clients and the market.

Lualdi presents the new finishes

The Linea finish, for example, is characterized by its parallel lines milled on wood, embodying timeless elegance. On the other hand, Quadra, with its intertwining horizontal and vertical milling, creates square patterns, repeated in dynamic sequences. Chocolat XL, characterized by larger, regular milled squares on the wood surface, represents the evolution of one of the most beloved patterns already in the collection. Lastly, the Vertical finish makes its return enhanced by LED lights.

The Boiserie and Wall & Door models

The Boiserie model by Lualdi embodies a new concept of contemporary and custom furniture, capable of giving personality to the surfaces of various environments. On the other hand, Wall & Door is Lualdi’s most versatile and flexible mobile partition system, used to shape the architecture of interiors and design the layout of the space, with walls capable of integrating openings, shelves, storage units, even replacing masonry work when necessary.

Txt: Laura Galimberti

Photo: Sara Magni

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