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Vismaravetro presents the evolution of the SUITE modular system and the VOILE partition for even more aesthetically appealing and functionally evolved bathrooms

Vismaravetro presents the evolution of SUITE, the innovative modular system designed by Castiglia Associati. In crystal and aluminum, with a height of up to 300 cm, this system now allows glass of different finishes to be combined in the same element. Its new configuration, in fact, makes it possible to use different glass sheets to create new effects or simply ensure greater privacy.


Moreover, SUITE’s hinged door, normally opening only outward, now allows for inward opening as well, for further convenience and simpler maintenance.

The partition inside SUITE also changes its character: previously serving as a fixed wall dividing the dry area from the wet area, it now acts as a real door allowing for the transition from the shower to the dry area, without losing its extraordinary watertightness.


VOILE, the partition system

Vismaravetro presents Voile, also designed by Castiglia Associati, a new business experiment that proposes a completely new vision of the bathroom.

Voile is a framed partition door that separates the dry area from the wet area. By smoothly sliding it on its tracks, you can close off either the shower area or the adjacent space, which might include the washbasin or sanitary ware.

It offers excellent performance in terms of watertightness thanks to very high-technology seals, as well as multiple configuration options. Voile is available in different types of glass, both transparent and opaque. It is truly remarkable how a simple object can take center stage in a space, infusing it with a minimal yet powerful understated elegance.

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