Chinese design at Milan Design Week 2024

Illustrious figures talk about Chinese design at Milan Design Week 2024

During Milan Design Week 2024, Guangzhou Design Week held an extraordinary event at the Società Umanitaria in Milan. The event held last April 18 celebrated innovation and creativity in design, highlighting the importance of Chinese design at an international level.

The program included Savour China Global Tour, IDD International Design Dialogue, GRP Global Ring Prize, Bauhaus Design Awards and a tribute Chinese design. This event strengthened the link between Milan and Guangzhou, highlighting the importance of international collaboration in design. Participants explored new creative horizons and established valuable professional contacts, showing how Chinese design is influencing the industry on a global scale.

Watch our interviews with the main protagonists of the initiative below:

Tony Zhang – Co-Founder Guangzhou Design Week

He Zhen – Wazzor

Wesley Wang – Founder of RARA

Steve Leung Architect – Founder Steve Leung Design Group Ltd.

Pei Li of XSL TECHNOLOGY – President of Investments

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