Rome: A New Fac(ad)e for University Tor Vergata

In Rome, the rectorate and the campus are now an efficient and sustainable complex with travertine ventilated façades and Schüco windows, integrated into smart buildings

The important renovation of University of Rome Tor Vergata involved the offices of the rector, of the administration and of the departments of the Faculty of Law. The intervention was focused on the large pedestrian square, the project promotes inclusion and sociality and consists of volumes arranged perpendicularly to each other.

In the orthogonal wings the spaces are bright and comfortable, and the whole campus presents structures and services in line with the needs of a modern and eco-sustainable university, as explained by architect Massimo Alessandrini, Project Manager on behalf of the consortium Tor Vergata a.r.l., winner of the concession: “The new rectorate is the most recent and representative intervention of the entire university campus. It is a complex of ‘smart’ buildings, extremely advanced from a technological, construction and plant engineering point of view. The opaque component of the building envelope is a ventilated façade clad with travertine slabs, while the transparent components consist in high-performance glazing systems and a system of fixed brise-soleils that, while marking the design of the façades, creating open spaces available to users, mitigates the sun’s rays, preventing thermal overload in the interiors.”

Trapezoidal buildings deliver energy-efficient performance and provide optimal indoor comfort. The operation of the plant systems and of the devices of the façade is coordinated to ensure environmental quality, low consumption and high safety standards.

“During the design phase – adds architect Alessandrini – we actively collaborated with Schüco Italia to definite the aesthetic, technical and performance characteristics of the envelope, giving a crucial contribution to the overall quality of the project. The collaboration was constant for the entire duration of the site, making it possible to achieve an overall result that is better than expected.” [Text Valentina Dalla Costa]

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