The Student Hotel wins the Best in Class award

The Student Hotel won the Best in Class award for the development of new student accommodation.

The Student Hotel is a concept of hybrid hospitality, which offers students the opportunity to have a nice room, in a friendly environment, while to tourists and travelers offers rooms of various sizes and rates, and to professionals offers temporary accommodation, for medium stays. Actually, it is not a really cheap accommodation, but it’s also true that the stay at the Student Hotel, for students, cannot exceed 10 months: the facility is certainly an accommodation, but with the spirit of a community, a place where the youngsters at the beginning of his studies can stay in an atmosphere such as at home, which helps them to fit into their new reality.

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Suite di The Student Hotel, con vista sulla Cupola del Brunelleschi.

Paloma Lisboa, Jury Member and Head of Student Accommodation at King’s College London, commented: “The Student Hotel offers fabulous examples of co-habitation and the potential to truly engage with the local community to prepare students for their future.

The Student Hotel already has several openings planned, including, in 2019, Bologna, Madrid, Berlin and Delft, in 2020 Paris, Porto, Rome, Florence Belfiore and Vienna, Carcavelos Lisbon, Toulouse, Florence Manifattura Tabacchi, and Barcelona in 2021.

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