Homemade Craft Beer with LG

LG Electronics HomeBrew, from a single capsule, produces up to five liters of beer in about two weeks

If you are a lover of craft beer but have never had the courage to engage in the art of domestic fermentation, the solution for you comes from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas: LG HomeBrew, a capsule-based craft beer making machine.

LG’s idea has been inspired by Nespresso and the work done for the coffee. Obviously the production of a pale or a red beer is not as simple as that of an espresso. Therefore, along with a set of disposable capsules that contain ingredients such as malt, yeast, hop oil and flavorings, it relies on an algorithm. A software manages the fermentation, controlling the process and regulating both the temperature and the pressure.The capsule system eliminates all cleaning problems that arise with traditional domestic brewing methods. At the end of the process, the machine automatically sanitizes itself, using only hot water, and is immediately ready for the next use.

How many and what types of beers will be available?

From Las Vegas they inform us that 5 different types are currently available: American IPA, American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian style “white” Witbier, Czech Pilsner.

To the ecologists that are already on the warpath for the excessive consumption of plastic, as for the disposable espresso capsules, we can say that HomeBrew is able to produce up to five liters of beer in about two weeks, with a single capsule. This is a considerable advantage if we consider that the homemade process greatly reduces the consumption of glass and traditional aluminum cans.The size of the machine is certainly not the same as Nespresso and, despite its modern, simple and attractive design, it may be difficult to find the right place for it at home. However, it is likely that LG HomeBrew will win the attention, as well as the palate, of many. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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