Das Haus: the ideal house at imm cologne

The ideal residence? Every year, at imm cologne. The furniture trade show which takes place every year in Cologne in January, hosts every year an international designer or architect who gives his view of contemporary living, drawing its architecture and furnishings. “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage“, recreates, within the Pure Editions area (Hall 3.1), a house complete with architectural structure, finishes, furniture, lighting, which conveys its concept of home.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

The 2019 edition of Das Haus will be designed by Kate and Joel Booy, known as Truly Truly, Australian-born designers based in Amsterdam. “Living by Moods” – the name of Truly Truly‘s ideal home – will include materials and objects drawing an emotional and sensual residence, enriched by visual and tactile suggestions.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

Das Haus is a place where designers and architects are free to design and express their creativity, choosing whatever solution they prefer to create an architecture summarizing their vision of the house of the future. It’s not just an interior design project, it’s a picture of how people’s daily habits are changing.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

The designers and architects of Das Haus change every year, each time choosing a designer, a couple of designers or a studio, coming from different countries and continents, with different cultures, which are clearly visible in the different design styles, in the diverse products they use and representative of different traditions.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

The first seven editions of Das Haus featured as guests of honour the Anglo-Indian couple Doshi Levien (2012), the Italian designer Luca Nichetto (2013), the Danish designer Louise Campbell (2014), the American architects of Chinese origin Neri & Hu (2015), the German Sebastian Herkner (2016), the American Todd Bracher (2017), and the Czech designer Lucie Koldova (2018).

Das Haus 2012, Doshi Levien

Truly Truly, the studio selected for 2019, employs two designers both born in 1981. After landing in Europe at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, they have already designed exhibitions for the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam, and a number of products for Tacchini, Dexter, Ikea PS and Rakumba, which highlight their versatility and talent in the use of materials, such as ceramic with special textures in the vases for Cor Unum, textiles in the Sofa by Ikea PS, the metal of the tables for Tacchini and the glass of the lamps Touched.

The Das Haus 2019 project is based on the freedom of the multifunctional space, with environments in which the functions are not unique, but rather areas that change their use depending on the activities that take place there. Therefore, a table can be used for eating or holding meetings, and a sofa has no fixed direction to sit on. Only areas that require more privacy stand out, hidden behind curtains and green walls.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

The house is divided into four functional zones – Reclusive, Serene, Active and Reclining – communicating seamlessly. The different areas can be described more by atmosphere than by function, thus creating different moods and allowing to choose one’ s own mood of the moment. Das Haus – Living by Moods thus becomes the refuge from a life becoming increasingly hectic. From the architectural perspective, Das Haus by Truly Truly is a project reduced to its essence, with few elements and few colors, like a chair by Rietveld, and objects resembling sculptures or works of art.

Das Haus by Truly Truly, Imm Cologne 2019

Das Haus – Interiors on Stage is the clearest evidence of the outstanding design content of Imm Cologne, one of the most important furniture fairs in the world.
At Imm Cologne, Italy is always very well represented, thanks to the most internationally recognized brands, including Molteni & C., Cassina, Flexform, Minotti, Emu Group, Poltrona Frau, B&B Italia, Gallotti & Radice, La Palma, Reflex, Gyform, Arflex, Fast and MDF Italia, as well as Riva 1920, Pedrali, Cierre Imbottiti, Poliform, Paolo Castelli, Verzelloni       , Novamobili, Living Divani, Baxter, Meridiani, Mazzali, Kubikoff, Sculptures Jeux, Tonelli Design, Antonio Lupi and others. Interesting brands also come from Northern Europe and the rest of the world, such as Fritz Hansen, Normann Copenhagen, Tobias Grau, burgbad, Dedon, Desalto, Knoll International, Montis, Northern and Asplund. (in the photogallery, some images from imm cologne 2018)

In Cologne in 2019 it is also the turn of LivingKitchen, the biennial exhibition dedicated to the world of kitchen, cooking and food. Designer Alfredo Häberli designed a 360 m2 space, to present his vision of the kitchen of the future, including lifestyle, furnishings and culinary preferences.

Future Kitchen by Alfredo Häberli, Living Kitchen 2019

In the following photogalleries, some images from the previous edition of Das Haus, 2012 to 2018.

Das Haus 2012, project by Doshi Levien, photo from the Doshi Levien website

Das Haus 2013, project by Luca Nichetto, photo from the Luca Nichetto website

Das Haus 2014 project by Louise Campbell, photo courtesy Imm Cologne

Das Haus 2015, project by Neri & Hu, photo courtesy Imm Cologne

Das Haus 2016, project by Sebastian Herkner, photo bt Sebastian Herkner website

Das Haus 2017, project by Todd Bracher, photo from Todd Bracher website

Das Haus 2018, project by Lucie Koldova, foto courtesy Imm Cologne

Das Haus 2019, project by Truly Truly, foto courtesy Imm Cologne

Das Haus

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