Moroso’s Shake-Up in Modular Systems

Tape, Bikini Island and Misfits: the 3 modular systems by Moroso go beyond the traditional schemes of interior design. In blocks, bond by a tape and with versatile uses, they create living areas that favor interaction

Moroso, top brand of Made in Italy design, has added to its top range soft furniture and seating systems Tape, Bikini Island and Misfits in the collection of modular systems. These new products perfectly represent the corporate philosophy: creating high quality sustainable design products with continuous research and passion.Tape, designed by Benjamin Hubert, is a very innovative modular range of seats and tables that brings together fashion, technology and sustainability. Tape’s aesthetic and functional feature is the polyurethane tape used for sportswear that joins together small-sized scraps of fabric that otherwise could not be used. This modular system consists of a series of different building blocks held together by the tape: seats, backs and armrests can be combined in different ways, allowing the design to adapt to both large public spaces and smaller living areas.Bikini Island, designed by Werner Aisslinger, is a versatile seating system, suitable for both public and private spaces. Its versatility, given by aesthetic and functional variety, enables a wide range of uses. Every element – stools, tables, coat racks, containers, shelves, work surfaces, seats – contributes to revolutionize the traditional idea of a sofa as place to rest, turning it into a place that favors interaction.

 Lastly, Misfits by Ron Arad is a modular seating system in polyurethane foam. The designer shaped, carved, cut, replacing nature, without respecting the rational rules of industrial design. Each module is sculptural yet comfortable, as well as independent, being not bound to specific combinations. The skilful craftsmen of Moroso made the lining fabric of Misfits perfectly adhere to the curves and the play of solids and voids that characterize it. A manufacturing challenge that has been brilliantly won, turning this work into an icon of the contemporary world.

[Text Carlotta Russo]

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