When the Fireplace Meets Design Interiors

The latest Plasma fireplaces by MCZ Group, in the corner and three sided versions, enhance modern interiors offering maximum performance and minimum consumption

Among the news concerning MCZ Group’s Winter 2019 is the completion of the Plasma fireplace range, with the version with three glass sides and the corner version with two glass sides, equipped with the Easy Going system, which guarantees top environmental performances: it allows to simply adjust the intensity of the flame with a handle.With its essential design and its glass sides, Plasma becomes a transparent case for flames, a living element that makes even minimal interiors warmer, from the living area to the bedroom. An impactful example can be seen in the picture above, where the living area can be partially or totally open thanks to the white floor-to-ceiling panels. The focal point of this project is the Plasma fireplace in the three-sided version.Other examples of trendy interiors can be seen above, where a Plasma fireplace follows the edge of the wall in an open-plan sleeping area, or below, where another Plasma fireplace by MCZ Group becomes a projecting element inserted in a column, enlivening the wall and the whole living room asymmetrically.


The Plasma collection is able to allow for interplays of volumes in different spaces thanks to:

    • 4 front models, 75, 85, 95 and 115 cm wide
    • 2 two sided models, 95 and 115 cm wide
    • 2 three sided models (Plasma 50T and Plasma 95T) NEW
    • 2 corner models (Plasma 75 dx/sx and Plasma 95 dx/sx) NEW


Inserted in the frame of Plasma, Easy Going is an intuitive and simplified system equipped with 5 options corresponding to different daily situations. For example, “start” makes it possible to quickly ignite the flame, “sleep” to keep wood consumption to a minimum and to achieve combustion almost without any oxygen.

Equipped with an airtight combustion chamber and an accurate air flow control, Plasma models guarantee maximum exploitation of heat both when they are used with natural convection and forced ventilation.Moreover, all models can be combined with the COMFORTAIR® system that makes it possible to convey hot air to several rooms – even non-connecting or on different floors. From a decorative heating element that acts on a single room, the fireplace becomes an authentic heating system for the whole house.

Every year MCZ Group invests in technological innovation complying with the mission to make customer’s life easier, maximizing the performance of the product for a clean and efficient combustion. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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