Light and Water for a Professional and Spectacular Mixer Tap

Nobili Rubinetterie presents Luce, a kitchen mixer tap that becomes a useful tool and a surprising lamp thanks to 36 LEDs

Luce represents the meeting point between technology and faucets. The research team of Nobili Rubinetterie, brand founded in the ’50s and currently present in 87 countries, developed the kitchen mixer tap with LED technology as an original and practical mix between a lamp and a faucet.

Luce has 36 LEDs on the spout, housed in a methacrylate semisphere: the result is a lamp that can be switched on independently from water supply thanks to a practical switch on the upper part.The idea was to make work at the kitchen sink easier in spaces with poor lighting. Besides rotating up to 240°, the spout can be pulled out with a 35 cm flexible pipe. This new idea could conquer the world of restaurants and industrial kitchens where high standards of cleanliness must be met when working with certain raw ingredients.Made of brass with no trace of lead thanks to state-of-the-art plants, Nobili products ensure perfect water hygiene as well as important consumption saving. The Luce model, for example, thanks to innovative mixing cartridges and a flow regulator (a component that maintains a predefined flow rate at a certain temperature independently from the prevailing line pressure), makes it possible to save up to 50% water. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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