Brunello Cucinelli: 40 Years of Excellence and Savoir Vivre

Brunello Cucinelli, the king of knitwear and humanistic capitalism, celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary in his ‘Hamlet of the Spirit’ in Umbria, revived thanks to him

Brunello Cucinelli’s wine cellar in Solomeo, medieval hamlet in Umbria

An entrepreneur and a philosopher of the humanistic capitalism’, Brunello Cucinelli celebrated the 40th anniversary of the namesake brand in his beloved Solomeo (Umbria), an ancient hamlet and a hub with a turnover of over 500 million Euros, employing over 1,000 people in Italy and 1,700 abroad, and 3,000 working in 300 laboratories.


Portrait of Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is one of the most famous Italian luxury brands in the world, whose story is told in the book ‘Il sogno di Solomeo’ (published by Treccani), dedicated to his daughters and all young people, heirs and witnesses of artisan know-how and of the small hamlet, an architectural jewel nestled within medieval stones, built between the 12th and the 13th century.

Cucinelli, who has recently turned sixty-five, carries out his ‘project for beauty’ like a Renaissance patron: in addition to fashion, this project includes the protection of hectares of countryside that have been returned to their ancient splendor with vineyards, olive groves, cellars. His ‘humanistic capitalism’ includes the idea of good work, the avant-garde and the ancient art of knowing how to live well and in harmony with human beings and nature.

Hectares of vineyards surrounding Solomeo, in the province of Perugia (Italy), promoted by Brunello Cucinelli

In Solomeo he restored an Italian-style theater, an outdoor arena, a large and working cellar, the church of San Bartolomeo and the professional school of tailoring, gardening, horticulture and masonry.

Il ‘teatro all’italiana’ ristrutturato a Solomeo dal mecenate Brunello Cucinelli

In the fashion collections by Brunello Cucinelli, modern and relaxed silhouettes coexist with artisan and folk culture, with an elegant vintage taste and with details from sportswear. Alchemy gives life to the individual style of the Maison and the places that nourish it, full of everyday life and humanity, symbolized by the monument to human dignity, center and heart of Cucinelli’s artistic inspirations in the Umbrian land.

Monumento alla Dignità dell’Uomo, voluto da Brunello Cucinelli a Solomeo

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