‘Pezzi di Napoli’, Unique Heritage Made in Naples

Pezzi di Napoli® is a creative factory that combines art, design and craftsmanship expressing the city’s cultural ferment with new languages and re-editions. The new features for 2019 are light sources inspired by the sea

Re-edition of the Sunflowerchair by Roberto Mango

After a year’s study and research, in October 2018, Giosy Camardella and Titti Gallucci launched Pezzi di Napoli®, which is many things at once: a showcase-laboratory for artistic production, a new brand, an e-commerce platform and a research hub.

An all-female entrepreneurial project that involves selected artists, designers and artisans to offer people a narration made of design pieces and limited edition artisanal works that express the creativity, verve and energy characterizing Naples, a lively and creative city.

Intallium, chaise longue designed by Stefano Mango, upholstered by Stefania Ricci

The Bubble line and the Barlumi lampshade are the first new products of 2019, dedicated to light and its ability to influence our perception and relationship with spaces.

Bubble is a line of lighting objects for interiors, designed by architect and designer Antonella Venezia exclusively for Pezzi di Napoli, inspired by the sparkling whiteness of waves crashing against the Posillipo coast.

Barlumi is a revolutionary lampshade: free from the rigor of fixed shapes, it is changing and conveys luminous energy. A unique object designed by Barbara Lambrecht with the precious ‘stripes’ fabric by Allegra Hicks, inspired by sea waves, too.

Barlumi lampshade designed by Barbara Lambrecht in precious ‘stripes’ fabric by Allegra Hicks

The willingness to present the artistic and cultural heritage of the city through new languages inspires the whole project of Pezzi di Napoli®: both the re-edition and the creation of design pieces that create unexpected combinations of emotion and memory. An example is the Sunflowerchair by famous Neapolitan architect and designer Roberto Mango, a limited (re-)edition of the sunflower chair, the synthesis of modernity and memory with its shape recalling that of the ‘cuoppo’, the typical Neapolitan cone for fried street food.

The Intallium chaise longue, designed by architect Stefano Mango and upholstered by textile designer Stefania Ricci, is an original seat that communicates style and comfort at a first glance. [Text Chiara Sgreccia]

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