The First Tivoli Boutique Cinema Opens in Bath

Run For The Hills has designed Tivoli boutique cinema in Bath: 4 screening rooms and a private lounge, a cocktail bar, a café and a restaurant – vintage style & luxury comfort as an English Club

London-based studio Run For the Hills designed the interiors and the visual identity of the brand new Tivoli cinema in Bath (GB). Besides the cozy and technological screening rooms are hospitality spaces such as the Café Bar, defined by the designers as a luxury and relaxing space. Here the predominant colors are gold, ocher and olive green, alternated with dark blue. The chosen materials are soft linens, velvet and brass. The space is provided with comfortable sofas, deep armchairs, carpets that define the areas, wood chairs and upholstered stools in contrasting textures and patterns.

Everything is in line with the coordinated image: patterns derived from the Tivoli logo are used on tickets, coasters, popcorn buckets, coffee cups, and other in-venue packaging used at the restaurant and the café. The core palette is cream and deep charcoal grey, giving an elegant and sober outlook. This has been paired with red, teal and purple as secondary colors, while gold is added just where an ultraluxurious touch is needed. Justin Ribbons, CEO of Tivoli Cinema, said: “We chose Run For The Hills because we’d seen their standout bar and restaurant design work and wanted a specialist hospitality design partner to help make TIVOLI a destination in its own right, that also happens to be a boutique cinema.”boutique”.

Tivoli cinema Bath

People are welcomed on the first floor by a beautiful cocktail bar equipped with stools in antique brass, blackened steel and dark velvet. The 9m long bar has a marble top with heavy antique brass bullnose edging and a softly lit mesh front with an industrial style touch. The pillars decorated with glazed tiles and the columns wrapped by drinks tables give a sense of verticality. Beyond the bar is an inviting lounge area perfect for relaxation. The furniture consists in an eclectic mix of leather, wood and upholstered chairs, details in antique brass, marble and zinc. At the far end of the space is a more formal restaurant area whose entrance is framed by curved screens that divide the space without closing it off completely. Behind the screens are full height drapes, allowing for more intimate private dining. Run For The Hills made bespoke lighting fixtures to create a unique effect: suspension lamps pay recall antique chandeliers and alternate with industrial-chic fixtures.

Tivoli cinema Bath

Tivoli cinema has 4, fifty-seat screening rooms. For special occasions or small private events it is possible to book a 12-seat Directors Lounge/Screen and an exclusive gourmet dinner. The room has its own dedicated foyer and a lounge featuring leather sofas, geometric wall-fabric and upholstered wood panels.

Tivoli cinema Bath

The colors of the screening studios are inky blue and gold. The sofas on the front row are paired with velvet and leather footstools. There are two-man and single sofas matched with a table for in-screen drinks and dining. Also the floor features a pattern derived from Tivoli’s logo.

Lastly, the exterior of the building has a large screen displaying information about the films being screened, with a vintage frame. Crossing the threshold of Tivoli Cinema you pass through a large dark metal door that leads to the lobby designed to resemble the space reserved for the concierge in a hotel. [Text Valentina Dalla Costa]

Tivoli cinema Bath

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