Craig Green Innovates Fashion with his Uniforms

Craig Green, the young fashion designer of The Rebel Uniforms, is a contemporary fashion talent: able to spectacularize and excite without forgetting functionality and the market

Craig Green founded the namesake brand in London, in 2012, when he was very young, just out of the Saint Martins School. Considered one of the most innovative talents, he has been awarded and acclaimed from both a critical and commercial point of view, by prestigious boutiques and department stores all over the world, thanks to his spectacular and highly emotional shows.The focus of his work revolves around the uniform conceived as a work of art, the perfect protagonist of exhibitions and artistic works, including the staged ‘Lacrima di Ossidiana’ by Wayne Mcgregor and ‘Alien: Covenant’ by Ridley Scott, at the cinema.

His ability to radically innovate menswear codes, without ever neglecting the dynamics of the contemporary market, mixes work wear influences and futuristic ideas, sculptural silhouettes and functionality.His strong and recognizable style makes him one of the most interesting names in the contemporary fashion industry, also called to innovate and collaborate with important groups such as Moncler and others. In the collections designed by Craig Green, many success factors emerge for those who make fashion today: the ability to innovate the codes of traditional style, the sensitivity for the evolving taste, the needs of the market, the functionality and wearability of clothes, their uniqueness and personalization and a characteristic vision make up his modern proposal. [Text Barbara Tassara]


This article was published in XTRA #8, January 2019

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