#Youngtalents: light between books

Akii is Tokyo-based studio composed by Naoaki Iwamatsu and Takaaki Maeda. From creating impressive concepts to the product design of mass-produced goods, they do a wide range of activities.

Night Book

Night Book is a book-shaped LED light. Its body does not have a lighting switch: just install the lamp between books and pull out from its case like a book to ignite a beautiful light and create a poetic environment.

It’s possible to place it in a bookshelf or between stacked books. The light source is a long lasting LED, the surface is acrylic, and the spine of the book is leather.

“We invented a high-quality light with a tiny body”. The light provides uniform surface light, it’s not dazzling, but illuminating environment softly. Craftsmen carefully paste real leather one by one. [Text A.M.] www,akii.jp

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