Anteprima Salone 2019: il total living by Caccaro

Caccaro offre totale libertà compositiva: dai contenitori sospesi ai separé per articolare gli spazi, dalla barra ‘luce & musica’ alla panca soft

SideView, the sideboard-screen by Caccaro that acts as a scenery flat

The innovative modular systems SideView by Caccaro revolutionize the traditional concept of storage, since they are also partition screens. The living area becomes articulate and personalized when enhanced by the combination of Side, the sideboard from the latest collection by Caccaro, and View, the screen that lets light filter creating a warm, confidential ambience.

Side sospeso, by Caccaro

Side, in addition to resting directly on the floor or on lacquered metal pedestals, may be hung becoming a dresser or a bedside table: its rounded corners enhance the sinuous lines of a timeless design and its large internal capacity makes Side suitable for different uses in different spaces.

Brick, contenitore modulare e Groove, barra, by Caccaro

Total freedom of composition is offered by Brick, the modular storage system made up of different units that decorate your house like bricks. With their polished details, these accessories are perfect for electrical devices thanks to their back ready for cable routing.

Brick in the suspended version and the Groove bar by Caccaro

Brick has a metal base with adjustable feet but it can also be suspended and features a practical push-pull opening. The Groove bar completes the wall, contributing to the general wellbeing thanks to the integrated LED lighting and the state-of -the-art audio system, which may controlled via smartphone and tablet.

Brick bench and Groove bar by Caccaro

Brick offers another possibility: the base, covered with cushions, becomes a bench that provides seating to your unexpected friends. [Text Giulia Bruno]

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