Ikea and Xiaomi Launch IoT Lighting Range

An IoT system that controls home lights: Ikea and Xiaomi start from China to expand smart living in the world

Xiaomi, Chinese brand emerging on the world scene with great success both in the field of smartphones and smart home devices, announced a partnership with Ikea in autumn 2018, during the annual conference dedicated to developers.

The Sino-Swedish partnership led to the launch of Ikea’s range of smart lighting products, currently available only in China, integrated with an IoT (Internet of Things) platform by Xiaomi. No further information on its future expansion is available at this stage.

IKEA’s lighting products will be connected to Mi Control Hub via the ZigBee protocol and they will also take advantage of all the third-party services integrated into Xiaomi’s platform, which continues to heavily invest in this aspect as well.

Users, therefore, using their smartphone or speakers, will be able to control their domestic lighting system.Fan Dian, General Manager of the IoT platform department of Xiaomi, said, “Ikea and Xiaomi share very similar values and I believe our cooperation will accelerate the development of the smart home industry across the world.”

Anna Pawlak-Kuliga, CEO and President of IKEA China, said that this partnership will be an important step for the future of smart living, thanks to increasingly innovative services. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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