Il Giardino di Storie Milanesi, an Unmissable Event by Museocity

Sixteen house-museums, artists’ ateliers, designers’ and architects’ studios will be connected by a large imaginary garden that will occupy the city of Milan. Il Giardino di Storie Milanesi will take place during Museocity, 1-3 March

Birch-Vico Magistretti Studio Foundation

Il Giardino di Storie Milanesi is a special project curated by Rosanna Pavoni with which Fondazione Adolfo Pini participates again in Museocity, the initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan and the association MuseoCity to highlight the museums of the city.


Ear of corn-Manzoni’s house

The protagonist is nature and its relationship with man. For this initiative, the figures of Storie Milanesi have been ideally asked to choose a flower or a plant that represents them. Daisies, fuchsias, roses, poppies, peonies, sunflowers and other plants bloom in this imaginary garden drawn by artist Julia Binfield creating a new link between the places and the figures of Fondazione Adolfo Pini’s project.

Rose – Poldi Pezzoli museum

In this way, a flowery Milan where flowers and plants are intimately linked to people and their homes, collections, ateliers comes to life. “Walking through this garden, you discover an unknown Milan, you meet lamps, armchairs, sculptures, paintings, jewels, knowledge. These treasures are linked by the tribute to flowers and nature. An ear of corn for Manzoni, a birch for Magistretti, a peony for Bongiovanni Radice, and so on, composing a rare and precious bouquet,” says Rosanna Pavoni.

Fondazione Adolfo Pini organizes a series of guided tours to the collection Friday, 1st March and during the extraordinary opening of Saturday, 2nd March, from 11 am to 4 pm (please check the opening days and hours on the website of the places that take part in the initiative). [Text Paola Molteni]

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