Euroluce 2019: Vistosi reloaded

Vistosi, Murano-based glassmaker with a long glassblowing tradition, re-proposes two iconic products through an amazing restyling, Giogali and Futura, which combine light and transparent glass with precious bronze and copper.


Giogali, characterized by modular crystal elements, has a new bronze finish. Futura, mouth-blown in a single piece, has a new copper version.


Giogali chandelier by Vistosi consists of numerous unique crystal pieces. This collection, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1968, will be presented at Euroluce 2019 in the new Amber, Copper, Black Nickel, Smoky versions.



Futura is the collection designed by Hangar Design Group presented at Euroluce in 2015. The redesign for Euroluce 2019 is characterized by a copper decoration with the typical red-golden color.


Vistosi boasts a long history, begun in the 16th century. Its collaborations with Italian and international designers are based on the respect for the artisanal tradition of glassmaking.


The magic of glass, hot and cold, resistant and light at once, combines past and future, and, like in a fascinating alchemical process, creates timeless shapes. [Text Giulia Bruno]


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