Euroluce 2019: Derby, the LED Sound Absorbing Lamp by Linea Light Group

At Euroluce 2019 Linea Light Group will present Derby, a LED sound absorbing lamp that blocks excessive noise, ensuring fluid and excellent acoustics in the interiors

Innovative, sustainable and 100% made in Italy are the characteristics of the new products that Linea Light Group will present at Euroluce 2019 – table, ceiling, wall and outdoor lamps. Among this year’s new products, there will also be Derby, a surprising LED sound absorbing lampDerby by Linea Light Group blocks part of the reverberation and makes the acoustics of the room where it is placed clearer, improving the fullness and depth of words in proximity to the device. Its sinuous and elegant shape is inspired by the headdresses used by aristocratic women at trotting derbies – which gave the name to the product. Light comes from a narrow rectangular diffuser placed at the center, with diffused optics or darklight screen. Moreover, the UGR (Unified Glare Rating) in rooms equipped with computers can be controller via an app. [Text Carlotta Russo]

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