Paola Navone Designs New McDonald’s France Restaurants

An unexpected collaboration has been established between McDonald’s and Paola Navone. The internationally renowned designer has given her eclectic, Eastern-inspired design language to a new project for McDonald’s France.

The real challenge of this project, which required three years of work, was to adapt Paola Navone’s design to the technical requirements of a highly frequented place such as McDonald’s.

For McDonald’s France, Paola Navone has created a large, bright, white box that contains furnishings in soft colors. Walls, doors and tables are made of Abet laminate, which gives a “watercolor effect” to the surfaces, as if they were hand-decorated. Among the furnishings we can mention the Kiki lamps by Martinelli Luce.

Currently, eight McDonald’s restaurants have been designed by Paola Navone in France: Châtellerault, Avignon la Cristole, Farebersvillers, Gaillard, Bordeaux Sainte Eulalie, Rennes Pacé, and one in Paris, near the Austerlitz train station. [Text Roberta Mutti]

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