Fuorisalone: The Board Game of the 1,000 Events of the Design Week and More

For those who would like to live again the design events (but not only) of the design week, FUORISALONE is the ‘playful’ solution

Fuorisalone is a board game that shows about 70 venues where the bustling activity of the Design Week is concentrated. A brainchild of the co-founder of Studiolabo and Fuorisalone.it, Cristian Confalonieri, in collaboration with Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, CEO and Game Designer at Cranio Creations, Fuorisalone required seven months of development. When it was released, it immediately conquered the audience of the Design Week 2018 and it will also appeal to this year’s design professionals and enthusiasts!Four events distributed between morning, afternoon and the evening: each player has to reach at least one of them to win a card representing a design object. The more objects you obtain, the more points you get. [Text Spencer Foil]

[Spencer Foil]

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