What to Expect from DDN Phutura at Fuorisalone 2019 (part 2)

DDN Phutura will be at the Fuorisalone during the Milan Design Week. Design, sustainability and smart mobility will be on show on Piazza Castello from 9 to 14 April

As we said last week, during the Milan Design Week (9-14 April 2019), Design Diffusion News will take part in the Fuorisalone. In the space surrounding the Sforza Castle, it will present DDN PHUTURA, an edutainment path.

Amazing installations will make visitors learn about the innovative solutions that favor the relationships between human beings, in a digital and immersive way, paying attention to the environment and using technology in the best possible way.

How to enhance and reuse waste wood

Among the various installations of  DDN Phutura, there will also be Gruppo Saviola, which, in collaboration with Studio Garbugli Design, will present Metamorphosis’s Experience, a multisensory installation based on the virtuous model of circular economy. An immersive and interactive journey that develops in four areas and that will allow visitors to discover the production cycle, from post-consumer wood to the end product.

The Saviola Group is among Italy’s top 300 industrial realities. This success is due to Mauro Saviola’s futuristic ideas. When the word “ecology” was far from being on everyone’s lips, the founder had the pioneering idea of recovering and enhancing scrap wood, i.e. giving new life to what was hitherto seen only as something to be discarded.

Even the wood of an old cabinet may become the basis for a new cabinet, through a potentially endlessly repeatable cycle.

Electric kick scooters for smart mobility in the city

The city of the future, according to Design Diffusion, is also ‘smart mobility oriented‘. The official sponsor of DDN Phutura is Dott, a European startup founded by Maxim Romain and Henri Moissinac. Dott’s mission is to design its concept of mobility in a safe, comfortable and durable way, to allow the citizens of every European city to have a pleasant travel experience.

Already present in cities such as Paris and Brussels, Dott is getting ready to arrive in Italy, starting from Milan. In the area before the Sforza Castle, 80 Dott kick scooters will allow the visitors to move faster about the area of the event. They will be available for free test drives and scooter sharing via an App that can be downloaded from the main digital stores (Play Store and Apple Store).

With a simple click, you will be able to book the vehicle, unlock it and pay for the service. At the end of your travel, you will park the kick scooter following a free-floating scheme.

Italian design conquers China

Among the many scheduled events, the Talk area of DDN Phutura will host ICAF (Italy & China Architects Forum) on Wednesday, April 10th. The speakers will be numerous, including some of the world’s most famous architects and designers: Jiang Feng (Founder of J&A Co.,LTD.); Steve Leung (President of International Federation of Interior Architect/Designers, one of Hong Kong’s top ten designers); Joe Cheng (Founder and chairman of CCD); Xie Tian (professor of China Academy of Art); Ge Yaxi (Design Director of TRUEBOND); Ben Wu (Chief Designer of W.DESIGN & Founder of W+S GROUP); Zeng Jianlong (CEO of GID studio, Singapore); Liu Daohua.

Sustainable food for the health of people and the planet

Sustainability is a keyword for the city of the future. And this is also true for Sojasun, official partner of DDN Phutura.

The company offers genuine and natural plant-based products in order to achieve its goal: the respect for both human health and the planet. With more than 30 years of experience in the vegetable industry, Sojasun is today a versatile brand and an ambassador of healthy and sustainable nutrition. For 2019 the company is planning a tasting tour on a Volkswagen VAN in the main squares of northern Italy. In Milan it will stop at DDN Phutura during the Design Week, 9-14 April. [Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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