Tourism: Eco-Sustainable Mobile Homes by CrippaConcept

A project by the University of Pavia and CrippaConcept has awarded the smartest projects

A research and a workshop to allow young engineering students to design new mobile homes between sustainability and design. Three projects have been selected at the end of the collaboration between CrippaConcept, Italian leader in the design and construction of mobile homes and lodge tents for glamping, and the Department of Civil Engineering – Architecture of the University of Pavia, as part of the Mobile House Research project.

The Marbles, winning project

“Six months ago we started a research in collaboration with CrippaConcept concerning sustainable tourism – explains Professor Carlo Berizzi, University of Pavia. Italy is one of the most coveted destinations for its landscapes, but it often lacks adequate structures to accommodate tourists from central and northern Europe. The research aimed to explore the relationship between tourist settlements and landscape to enhance it in terms of sustainability.”

Sunflower, 2nd place

The projects are the result of the work of the students of the Degree Course in Architectural Engineering in Pavia, who identified new tourist settlements on the banks of the Po Delta and designed new sustainable solutions for mobile homes. The commission that selected the winning projects consisted of Augusto Allegrini (President Ordine Ingegneri di Pavia), Anna Brizzi (President Ordine degli Architetti di Pavia), Simone Mazzucchielli (Head designer, CrippaConcept), Francesco Svelto (Deputy Rector of the Third Mission, University of Pavia) and Francesca Russo (Marketing Manager Design Diffusion World).

First place: Alberto Ghezzi, Paolo Toto and Hangjun Fu

“We are very happy with this collaboration and all the projects are very interesting – said Sergio Redaelli, CEO CrippaConcept. In each project there is a new and original idea.”

The marble” is the winning project, created by Alberto Ghezzi, Paolo Toto, Hangjun Fu. It is a family-friendly mobile home, where the space is equally divided between “vacation for adults” and “vacation for children.” The second project is “Sunflower”, designed by Camilla Cavalera, Cristian Caroli, Martina Lommano was inspired by the theme of “Zero Impact Park”. Finally, DDN special mention went to “Secret Garden” by Xiafei Wang, Run He, Linling Zhang, Yafei Liu who chose the theme of “Health & Sport Park”. Their project includes references to the tradition of the Chinese courtyard garden, which offers a moment of relaxation thanks to the private space created by the cluster of mobile homes.

Secret Garden, honorable mention DDWStudents ranking first and second will enjoy a holiday in a mobile home on the Venetian Riviera, while the group that received the honorable mention wins a 1-year digital subscription to DDW magazines.

[Text Cristina Provenzano]

Honorable Mention DDW

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