From Korea, Noroo Launches the Color of the Future

At Fuorisalone 2019, Noroo, a leading paint maker in Korea, presents the interactive exhibition Tides – Maree

Wang & Söderström Selfridges (Foto Wang & Söderström)

For the Milan Design Week, the Korean company Noroo presents the interactive exhibition TidesMaree in collaboration with artists Kwangho Lee (Korea) and Wang & Söderström (Denmark).

Noroo Kwangho Lee

In the installation, 100 stools of different materials in the shape of eclipses combined to create many shapes. The resulting landscape is a fluid and organic image, a lunar panorama in colors that change when people pass.

Noroo exhibition design

The artists’s aim is to create the color of the future. [Text Samantha Polvere]

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