Fuorisalone 2019: The World of the Wizard of Oz, Between Cooking and Design

Another collaboration between Marco Ambrosino and designer Odo Fioravanti

Left, designer Odo Fioravanti with chef Marco Ambrosino

“A sort of acid dream of the protagonist who undertakes a series of adventures.” Designer Odo Fioravanti came up with this idea starting his collaboration with chef Marco Ambrosino of 28 Posti for the project “No place like home”, inspired by The Wizard of Oz.


The world of design meets cooking in a joint creative process: the menu including the dishes conceived by the chef and the designer is inspired by a story that belongs to the collective imagination. Moreover, this year, the narration is enriched with artist Luca Ruali’s illustrations.


Marco Ambrosino, chef at 28 Posti, says: “The theme of The Wizard of Oz provided us with the inspiration to combine sign and product in a visionary narration that creates objects to eat and food to look at.” No place like home will be an experience available to the audience of the Design Week, upon prior reservation, for lunch and for dinner. 28 posti, via Corsico 1, Milan. [Text Cristina Provenzano]

Chef Marco Ambrosino and one of his creations


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