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The Circular Economy of the Saviola Group

The circular economy of the Saviola Group at DDN Phutura: from the cabinet to the panel and to the cabinet again, wood can be endlessly recycled

The Saviola Group is among the most interesting industrial realities on the Italian scene. It currently includes several companies, some based in Italy and some abroad. Its consolidated turnover has placed the Group among Italy’s top 300 companies and among the world’s leaders in its sectors.

DDN Phutura Saviola Group

The success of the Saviola Group began in 1963, when the word “ecology” was far less widespread than today. At that time, its founder had the idea of recovering scrap or post-consumer wood to use it again and give it new life.

DDN Phutura Saviola Group

His idea was that even the wood of an old cabinet might become the basis for a new cabinet, through a potentially endlessly repeatable cycle. That first idea was followed by others such as creating a network for the collection of wood to be recycled and producing panels using only post-consumer wood. Then, they started using chemicals to develop resins characterized by reduced environmental impact and a system to produce clean energy from the entire process.

DDN Phutura Saviola Group

The past and the present of the Saviola Group are summarized in the installation on “Circular Economy” that the Group will present at DDN Phutura. An interactive path will illustrate the collecting and recycling process that the plants of the Group carry out every day.

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