Brazilian Light Illuminates Fuorisalone 2019

Lights from Brazil: traditional materials and cutting-edge technology “illuminate” the exhibition Be Brasil

Capadocia Lamp

Brazilian lamps: between tradition and technology

Museo della Permanente, via Filippo Turati 34, acts as a great stage for Brazilian design, presented through scents, sounds and images, in the most diverse sectors, along a path divided into four environments. Six “Made in Brazil” lighting companies will show their excellence and technological evolution at the exhibition Be Brasil, Essentially Diverse, an event organized for the FuoriSalone.


A lamp that you can bring anywhere, good for both the body and the spirit, controlled by an app. Lighting systems made of ceramic, marble, ropes and even blown glass. A lamp that simulates the flight of birds, another inspired by plants and the third equipped with a system that saves the user’s favorite light intensity. These are just some of the products on display.


This is how tradition and innovation meet: Accord, Geo Luz & Cerâmica, La Lampe, Lumini, Luxion and Munclair present 20 pieces created by famous Brazilian designers that show the potential of the contemporary lighting sector. The participation of brands in Be Brasil is supported by the Lux Brasil Project and Abilux (Brazilian Association of the Lighting Industry), sponsored by Apex-Brasil.


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